Loch Ness Afforestation

An exceptional opportunity to affiliate with a project in a world-famous location.  A two-phase native woodland restoration project just to the south of Loch Ness and near the Great Glen in Scotland.  Of course, the Highlands are a world class brand in themselves.  They are known from Australia to Japan, from Canada to the USA, and from Europe to China.  Perhaps the best known place of all in the Highlands, is Loch Ness. 

The project is located in the Heart of the Scottish Highlands and 40 minute's drive from Inverness.  It is uphill from the great Loch and in the immediate vicinity of Loch Mhor.  The estate itself is considerably mountainous and surrounded by several other large mountainous estates.  The estate is home to Red grouse, Black grouse, Red deer, Roe deer, Sika deer and more.

The planting site comprises a diverse range of native tree species including Caledonian Scots pine, sessile oak, hazel, downy birch, rowan, eared willow and aspen.   The reintroduction of 1,000 aspen trees is particularly exciting as these had been eradicated from the Highlands.  In total, 100,000 trees will be planted.  The project expands existing woodland on the estate and is contiguous with forests on an adjacent estate.  One of our aims is for Red squirrels and Pine martens to populate the estate from the adjacent estate.

Other rare species in the area include Golden plover, dunlin, Golden eagles (nesting sites), white-tailed eagles (feeding), ospreys (feeding), Capercaillies, ptarmigan, otters and water voles.​

The exciting aspect about this project is that the work has not yet taken place.  So there is the opportunity to get involved with boots on the ground, or to film before and after footage for your communications.  This makes it an exceptional opportunity from a PR, staff engagement and customer engagement standpoint.

Contact richard@highlandcarbon.com with the timing and quantity of your offset requirements to receive a pricing proposal and details of associated benefits.

At a Glance: Loch Ness Forest


  • Inverness, Scotland (40 minutes SW of town)

  • South side of Loch Ness

Offsetting Capacity

20,092 TCO2e


  • Mixed native planting; 100,000 trees

  • 92 Hectares

Special Features

  • This large estate is surrounded by various other large estates, in what was once heart of the Caledonian Forest

  • The project site itself is on the uplands in the vicinity of a montane loch.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Climate Action

  • Life on Land

  • Life Below Water

  • Partnerships for the Goals​

Recognised Offsetting Framework

Woodland Carbon Code

Project Status

  • Work taking place spring of 2022

  • Project to be validated summer 2022

Recognised Offset Standards

Pending Issuance Units becoming Woodland Carbon Units