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Highland Carbon is committed to connecting HOWL (Highland Outdoor and Wilderness Learning) programmes with large wilderness estates.  HOWL offers a specially designed and expert-led, environmental journey for local school children.  The children improve their understanding about the natural world, ecology and conservation but also learn key life skills. HOWL enables those taking part to reconnect with our natural heritage and to ignite a passion to protect, restore and enjoy the wild.

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Our Founder, Richard Clarke, is a mentor for the Fuel Change programme.  Fuel Change engages the next generation workforce to drive a positive transition to Net Zero.  Young staff within a given organisation help to develop solutions to real world sustainability challenges for the benefit of their employers.  Fuel Change also offers a schools based educational programme with a curriculum that covers Climate Change and Net Zero solutions.

Highland Carbon supports the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET) located in London and operating UK-wide.  HET supports school education programmes through which students hear the life stories of Holocaust survivors.  In the past, the founder of Highland Carbon has also supported the National Holocaust Centre and Museum located in Nottinghamshire.  Both Directors, Richard and Laura, believe passionately that education is the root to understanding and to the undoing of prejudice. 

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