David Bassiouni, BA
Advisory Board

Mr. David Solomon Bassiouni is President & Chief Strategy Officer of Bassiouni Group located in Manhattan, New York City, USA.  Mr. Bassiouni spent his formative years (8-17) attending Scottish boarding schools including in Pitlochry and Edinburgh, and has a special connection to Scotland.

Mr. David Solomon Bassiouni specialises in Global Business, Sustainability, International Development and Global/Political Affairs. As the President of The Bassiouni Group (TBG), Mr. Bassiouni helps companies/institutions to navigate the global economy and build sustainable, performance-focused solutions for long-term growth and socioeconomic impact.

He has managed international teams/projects across more than 50 countries. As the co-founder and President of CSR Leaders (LinkedIn), Mr. Bassiouni enables CSR/Sustainability practitioners all over the world to connect, share insights and develop best practices. Mr. Bassiouni sets TBG’s strategic and business development plan, manages the day-to-day operations of each division (Consulting, Investment, Trade), and oversees the company’s Global Consultancy Network which consists of over 500+ experts in 150+ countries.

David has worked on projects ranging from advisory services for governments and comprehensive evaluations for UN agencies to Sustainable Trade and Investment initiatives in the Agribusiness, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Development sectors.

As a C-suite counselor, Mr. Bassiouni has directly advised CEOs, industry leaders and dignitaries on complex, and often sensitive, global events ranging from management/labour issues and corporate transition to financial restructuring and shareholder disputes.

As the Group Manager at Weber Shandwick’s Corporate Issues Group (New York), Mr. Bassiouni counseled numerous Fortune 500 clients on corporate strategies relating to reputation management, corporate positioning, CEO communications, high-profile litigation, financial restructuring, crisis management, labour relations, corporate reorganisations, M&A transactions, hostile takeovers, financial restructuring, regulatory enforcement, product liability and management transitions. His client list ranged from major financial institutions and pharmaceutical firms to hotel chains/tourist destinations, multi-sector manufacturers and energy companies.

Prior to joining Weber Shandwick, Mr. Bassiouni was an Associate Director at Gavin Anderson & Company where he provided strategic counsel to the United Nations, supporting the Office of the Secretary General during the launch of the Independent Inquiry Committee and the subsequent introduction of Secretary Annan’s reform program.

Mr. Bassiouni has also worked at Shandwick International (Weber Shandwick Worldwide), Kratz & Jensen (Euro RSCG), The Halo Group and Winstar Communications (IDT Corp.). As the Media Relations Manager at Winstar, he oversaw the company’s media relations and marketing initiatives throughout the United States, Western Europe, Asia and South America.

In addition to the Technology, Energy, Financial, Telecommunications and Consumer sectors, Mr. Bassiouni is also experienced in Government, International Affairs, Healthcare and Higher Education. Educated in Britain and raised in eight different countries across Europe and Africa, Mr. Bassiouni takes a uniquely multicultural approach to his work.

He graduated with honors from McGill University, Canada, and is conversant in basic French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic. Mr. Bassiouni has been featured on CNBC/CNBC Europe and in The Washington Post, and he also spoken on a variety of international development/business issues at numerous venues including The Harvard Club, Columbia University, and City University New York.

Mr. Bassiouni is a member of the Board of Associates at The Ronald McDonald House (New York), and the Associate Director of The Mary N. Bassiouni Foundation, which is dedicated to empowerment and advancement of South Sudanese women and youth. Mr. Bassiouni is also a Special Advisor to Project Education South Sudan, which increases access to primary and secondary education with a special focus on girls.

John Kinch, PhD
Advisory Board

Dr. John Kinch was recently approached by President Biden's Administration to be an energy efficiency advisor.

John directs the strategic and daily operations of Michigan Energy Options (MEO), a clean energy nonprofit emphasising innovative and collaborative projects between the public and private sectors. Under Dr. Kinch, MEO's community-based work has expanded across the state and its revenue stream has diversified. MEO has built a community solar park on a capped landfill — one of a few owned and operated by a nonprofit in the country.

John is a U.S. Department of Energy SunShot advisor and a National Community Solar Partner, a municipal-certified solar expert by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, local clean energy consultant for the Council of Michigan Foundations, and has been a renewable energy consultant for The Nature Conservancy. Kinch was active in the Clean Energy for Biden Michigan Campaign, writing for the website and canvassing the vote.

Dr. Kinch was previously Communications Manager at The Nature Conservancy whilst writing the charity's national magazine, annual reports, funding bids and other major publications.  He has authored numerous journalistic and professional articles and a book. Dr. Kinch has held adjunct professorial roles at Big Ten Universities.  He presents often to professional, academic and general audiences.

Dr. John A Kinch is Grand Valley State University College of Business’s inaugural Executive-in-Residence.

Dr. Kinch has travelled the world and written freelance in auspicious newspapers, including the New York Times.  In his free time, Dr. Kinch is a keen birder (or twitcher as we say in Britain).

David T.jpg
David Tulauskas MBA MSc BA
Advisory Board

Until recently, David Tulauskas was Vice President and Chief Sustainability officer of BlueTriton Brands which acquired Nestlé Waters during 2021.   


David joined Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) in March 2019 as Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer. David was a member of the Executive Team supporting the company’s purpose to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future, David focused on integrating sustainability into NWNA’s operations and iconic brands, such as Nestlé Pure Life and the six regional spring water brands (Poland Spring, Deer Park, Zephyrhills, Ice Mountain, Ozarka and Arrowhead).

Prior to joining NWNA, David spent more than 27 years at General Motors. He focused on transforming transportation and helped General Motors become a recognized leader and influential voice on important issues, such as climate change, the circular economy, vehicle electrification, renewable energy and sustainable natural rubber. Most recently, he served as Director of Sustainability. During his tenure, David also held a variety of positions ranging from an environmental engineer at an assembly plant to a vehicle line executive leading the launch of the first five Cadillac vehicles in China. He also served as Director of State Government Relations on the West Coast.

Mr. David Tulauskas has spent half of his career working in Asia and the other half working in the USA.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Wayne State University and an international executive Master of Business Administration from Rutgers University in Shanghai, China.