Peatland and forests have a remarkable ability to remove harmful surplus  CO2 from the atmosphere. 


They trap the carbon in their biomass: moss, trunks, branches, roots, leaves, flowers and seeds.  So doing, they convert CO2 into the building blocks of all life on earth: carbon, oxygen and water.

Peatland and forests also bring additionality.  They have a mysticism and romance.  They enhance nature and benefit wildlife.  They help to cleanse the air locally.  They mitigate impacts of storm activity, such as high winds and flooding.  By reducing runoff, they contribute to clean water.  In the case of Scotland, so benefiting salmon spawning rivers, mussel farms, langoustines and in some cases Scotch production. 


They bring much needed jobs to the most remote communities such as groundwork, tree planting, deer fence building and forestry management.  They bring a wildness back to the land which benefits rare wildlife, for example, proving nesting sites to white tailed eagles and osprey. 


Highland Carbon works within a robust conservation framework

  • restoring peatlands for an abundance of plant and animal life

  • natural forest planting with a range of native trees to restore habitats to their former glory

  • with robust ESG reporting, communications and PR support

Forests and wetlands are the lungs of the planet.  Once established, they continue to regenerate and to draw down CO2 from the atmosphere forever.  So doing, they will help society to one day achieve 'Draw Down', the point at which more CO2 is being removed from the atmosphere than emitted.

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