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For Landowners

Carbon offsetting projects develop substantial capital for estates whilst increasing their natural capital value.  The funds generated can help estates to develop other opportunities as they see fit such as renewable energy, events businesses, ecotourism and improved farming.

Highland Carbon has a track record of selling quality projects with authentic impacts whilst achieving a strong unit price for landowners.  We achieve a strong price as we have substantial experience in biodiversity and landscape conservation.  We also support our company buyers with stacked Sustainable Development Goal outputs and exceptional content for their communications.

We are totally transparent with each landowner client with respect to the retail price at which we sell units, the wholesale price they will be paid and we offer a carbon value tracker.  If the carbon value increases, we will increase the retail price on your behalf.  We are committed to a low commission rate, and we offer a low commission guarantee.

We can offer a full Project Developer and Broker service from project conception to design, implementation and brokerage service.  Alternatively, we can offer a Broker service alone whilst coming alongside a third-party Project Developer or your inhouse forestry team.  We support you and your team to scope out the opportunities.  The capital raised from offsetting can unleash your wider aspirations for the estate, such as: hosting weddings, accommodation, renewable energy, farming and eco-toursim.

In addition to generating substantial proceeds from Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code projects, we we endeavour to raise funding for rewilding initiatives.  These funds can be made available to the estate to support its own team or to subcontract delivery.  We can also arrange for the work to be done ourselves if that is preferred.  Examples of the sorts of rewilding support that we are keen to offer follow:

  1. Riverside restoration with tree planting and revegetation.

  2. Coastal woodland planting; restoring the temperate rain forest.

  3. Reintroduction of rare tree species, such as aspen and oak.

  4. Bee conservation activity such as wildflower meadow restoration and beehive installation.

  5. The construction and installation of nesting platforms for Golden eagles and ospreys.

  6. The installation of nesting boxes and perches for owls and kestrels.

  7. The construction and installation of floating nest platforms for northern divers and red throated divers.

  8. Smart collars for cattle to enable free ranging which mimics hoof action of Eurasian bison.

  9. Creation of scrapes and ponds for wildlife.

  10. Nesting ledges for merlin and peregrine falcons.

  11. Flailing areas for wading birds to access standing water.

  12. Bird viewing hides.

Rewilding activities like those described above enhance the narrative for the estate and uplift the carbon value.  They also enhance your credentials as an estate committed to wildlife and there are awards available for such commitments.

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