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The Directors and members of the Board of Advisors of Highland Carbon have an impressive range and depth of experience which spans Ecology, Forestry, Peatland Restoration, International Development, Corporate Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Social Governance, Sustainable Development Goals, Energy Conservation, Carbon Offsetting for Biodiversity, Global Carbon Commodity Trading, Public Relations, Communications, Cause Related Marketing and more.

The Managing Director of Highland Carbon, Richard Clarke, has worked in the United States and the United Kingdom in various leadership roles in the environmental and university sectors. 


The Board of Advisors is comprised of experts based in the United Kingdom and United States.  What unites everyone on the Board and Directors is a can-do attitude, positive outlook, creative thinking and extensive experience in the corporate partnership arena.  Of course, we all have a passion for rewilding dramatic landscapes in the UK, and especially the Scottish Highlands, whilst mitigating Climate Change.

Highland Carbon is a proactive, flexible, responsive and dynamic business.  Please see each sub-menu for further information on the Directors, UK Board of Advisors and US Board of Advisors,

Highland Carbon's values:

  • Transparent & Fair

  • Science-based

  • Authentic

  • Imaginative

  • Proactive

  • Flexible

  • Responsive

  • Collaborative

  • Quantifiable

  • Engaging & inspiring

  • Beyond reproach

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