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From Hazel Todd, member of Highland Carbon's Board of Advisors:

"My name is Hazel and I am fundraising for my 19 year old niece in Barbados, who was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and is now in desperate need of treatment in the race to save her life.


The cost is prohibitive to our family and the specialised treatment, which is best suited for her cancer, is unavailable in Barbados. Blood work requiring specific diagnosis must also be sent to Miami.


We have had many quotes from UK and USA and cost are approximately US$ 55,000-70, 000. The highly advanced, cutting edge Proton beam therapy, which is even more expensive than the traditional chemo/ radiation therapy has an estimated approximate cost of $104,000 USD. This cost is exclusive of hospitalisation, travel and accommodation for her and her family.

Funds raised will be used to initially allow her to begin care in her home country, at a cost of US$ $600 per treatment cycle . It is our sincere intention to transfer her to a specialist cancer care facility as soon as we have reached the target required, which will enable her to have all follow up treatments, including any PET and other scans which are required to monitor her progress.

Autumn is a beautiful, happy, bubbly girl, who was enjoying life, playing netball and awaiting her CXC results and had hoped to begin training to become a pharmacist. It is her desire to become qualified in this field, once she has passed this health challenge .


This cancer is very curable with the correct treatment protocol and follow up care, which can enable Autumn to achieve her dreams and live a full life.

My family are asking for your compassion as you donate and prayers for her recovery."

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