In addition to formal carbon offsetting projects, Highland Carbon raises funds for rewilding projects.  Those funds are available to our landowner partners.  Project ideas are very much welcome.  Examples of such projects include:

  • Riverbank revegetation

  • Riparian woodland establishment

  • Selective tree planting (rare trees)

  • Wildflower meadow restoration

  • Hedgerow planting

  • Osprey nesting platforms

  • Floating islands for red-throated divers and black-throated divers upon which to build nests which will survive the fluctuating loch levels

  • Owl and kestrel nesting boxes

  • Wild beehive installation

  • Woodland gardens

  • Community orchards

Our company clients which support rewilding projects are provided with our rewilding quality mark for their use and a certificate with the project details.