Partners complement the formal offsetting, via habitat restoration, provided by Highland Carbon.

Despite its beauty and drama, Scotland has become a nature-depleted nation. Many species that were once prolific now teeter on the edge; others have been hunted to extinction. Centuries of ecological decline have led the complex living systems, upon which we all depend, to falter.  Highland Carbon is in discussion with various nature charities to explore wider conservation initiatives on the estates where Highland Carbon's offsetting projects are located.  These various initiatives will add value to the carbon offsetting projects themselves whilst actively supporting the rewilding of the Scottish landscape.

Ecosulis is the longest-standing ecological contractor and consultancy in the UK, and one of the first to centre its purpose around rewilding.  They have decades of experience working on real-world projects, restoring habitats, returning biodiversity, providing strategic advice and developing innovations in the field. The team is scientifically, practically and technically proficient, allowing them to deliver biodiversity and rewilding outputs.

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Highland Carbon is committed to connecting HOWL (Highland Outdoor and Wilderness Learning) programmes with large wilderness estates.  HOWL offers a specially designed and expert-led, environmental journey for local school children.  The children improve their understanding about the natural world, ecology and conservation but also learn key life skills. HOWL enables those taking part to reconnect with our natural heritage and to ignite a passion to protect, restore and enjoy the wild.

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Adelong Outdoor Education delivers Outdoor Learning programmes for school and youth groups as well as family adventures and group events for adults.  In the Highlands they deliver exciting, challenging and fun outdoor adventure activities including: climbing, canoeing, mountaineering and nature-based activities.

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Vegvisir Advisory aims to include ecosystem services into corporate bottom line strategy with a hands on approach to connecting corporates with nature conservation and restoration projects. Delivering on corporate ESG strategies, VA activates its network to ensure value creation for all parties involved, resulting in balanced ecosystems to the benefit of all. Vegvisir also helps estates to generate new strands of revenue arising from company eco-engagement opportunities.

Highland Carbon is a member of the Net Zero Scotland business network.  In that capacity, Highland Carbon collaborates with businesses, NGOs, the public sector, estates and community organisations in the endeavor to mitigate Climate Change and biodiversity loss.   During COP26, Highland Carbon delivered a virtual seminar on nature-based solutions.

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Highland Carbon is in discussions with the UK Carbon Code, a newly forming initiative, regarding novel approaches such as regenerative agriculture and agroforestry carbon offsetting.  The UK Carbon Code is expected to complement the established Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code, the two offsetting frameworks already followed by Highland Carbon.