Largs Forest Project

This is a coastal site located 2km north of Largs, in North Ayrshire, Scotland. The gross site area is 144.09 ha, 106.53 ha grant aided and 37.56 ha other land. The other land comprises 15.44 ha of existing broadleaved woodland, 7.80ha of deep peat, 0.70 ha of archaeological interest and 13.62 ha of ‘excess’ open ground).

The net area of new woodland is 92.27 ha, with 14.26 ha of open ground which will retain areas of biodiversity, protect areas of cultural heritage and routes for public access.

The diverse planting scheme comprises of oak, sycamore, downy birch, silver birch, aspen, alder, rowan, hazel and willow. The site has been planted with both bare root and cell grown stock, using a mixture of trench mounding and hand screefing techniques in order to balance a high survival rate to minimise ground disturbance to limit soil carbon emissions.

The entire woodland has been fenced to prevent damage from deer, rabbits and rodents. The primary aim for this project is to protect and enhance biodiversity values throughout the establishment of the woodland and safeguard the existing landscape and habitats. The result will be a site capable of delivering a range of ecosystem services, in particular improved ecology, carbon sequestration and ecological landscape.

Established woodlands on the estate are being managed via the introduction of wooly pigs (pictured), which mimic the activity of wild boars, to reduce bracken and enable wildflowers to flourish.

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At a Glance: Largs Forest Project



  • West coast of Scotland

  • Surrounded by large country estates

  • 45 minutes west of Glasgow

Offsetting Capacity

56,298 tCO2e ​


  • 92 Hectares


  • Reintroducing rare, native trees such as aspen

  • Benefiting rare species such as the otter, osprey and white-tailed eagle

  • Enhancing water quality in the marine environment, benefiting a range of seal, dolphin and whale species

Project Status

  • Planting completed in 2022

  • Project validation during winter 2022

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Climate Action

  • Life on Land

  • Life Below Water

  • Partnerships for the Goals​

Recognised Offsetting Framework

Woodland Carbon Code

Recognised Offset Standards

Pending Issuance Units becoming Woodland Carbon Units