Gleneagles Forest

Gleneagles Forest is located East of the Trossachs National Park, between Stirling and Perth.  This is a commercial forest project, so is one of Highland Carbon’s ‘Countryside Beautification’ schemes rather than a 100% biodiversity project.


The project entails three new woods all within 2 kilometers of each other.  The planting scheme includes areas of mixed deciduous trees, and it will be established with a natural planting scheme, rather than a linear matrix.  The mix of trees onsite will be 80% conifer and 20% deciduous.  The deciduous zones will be in flowing bands.  There will be three species of conifer trees: Scots pine, Norway spruce and Sitka spruce.

It is widely accepted in the carbon offsetting community that commercial forests are a key part of the carbon offsetting solution.  Timber is a sustainable resource which avoids the significant carbon emissions of steel and other materials.  Timber projects which exist for construction lock-up carbon permanently as the material is incorporated into buildings and furniture.  As the site can be replanted, there is a second set of carbon sequestered.  Dying trees are not left to biodegrade on the site as with natural forest projects, thus emitting CO2 Therefore, commercial projects sequester even more carbon that natural woodland schemes.  The good news is that carbon units from this project are relatively affordable.

An interesting cultural point is that there is a Roman fort in the immediate vicinity.

At a Glance: Gleneagles Forest


  • Perthshire, between Perth and Sterling

  • East of the Trossachs National Park

Offsetting Capacity

38,162 TCO2e


A commercial pine planting project with elements of mixed deciduous, permanent woodlands comprising 194 Hectares

Special Features

  • A Conservation buffer to the east of the Trossachs National Park

  • In the vicinity of hills and three small lochs


Recognised Offsetting Framework

Woodland Carbon Code

Project Status

  • Work completed

  • Project passed inspection

  • Project validated

Recognised Offset Standards