The client needed to review 2 electricity contracts. The client had already done the most obvious work to save on kWh and CO2 usage by installing LED in the busiest store. Our supplier recommended an LED Retrofit on the smaller site also, plus the provision of Voltage Optimisation at the main shop.


New contracts were supplied with all the chargeable elements, including the DUoS and FIT Tariffs, locked in for 5 years, giving the client a fixed cost and therefore an easy-to-budget-for energy account.


The hardware costs were added to the energy bill and spread over 60 months, interest free, so there was no requirement for capital expenditure.


At the smaller site, since our engagement, there has been a cost reduction in lighting usage of 52%, while at the main shop there has been a kWh usage reduction of 9.2%. Taking into consideration the consequent price rises in the electricity wholesale market plus the increases in DUoS and FIT Tariffs, as well as the cost of the technology supplied, the net savings for the client were £9,200 over the contract period.

Looking ahead, the client will further benefit from future savings of around £21,000 on their next agreement, based on the energy price forecasts for the contract period and the fact that all the cost-cutting hardware supplied by us will be fully paid for by that time.