Platinum Standard

What makes a Platinum Standard?  Carbon offsetting projects located in the UK exist within world’s most robust carbon project planning, regulation and inspection framework. 


The UK’s Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code, in which Highland Carbon operates, are administered by the Forestry Commission and International Union for Conservation and Nature respectively.

The UK has long been a leader in biodiversity and conservation studies.  Historically, however, that best practice has been implemented by British scientists at a landscape scale overseas, in places like East Africa, yet not applied here at home. 


It’s time to bring that best practice home.  In the case of Highland Carbon, all of our projects are created in a biodiversity framework.  Project locations are carefully considered to enhance important habitats in the Scottish Highlands.


The founder of Highland Carbon, Richard Clarke, is a Zoologist.  He worked in international conservation for several years throughout the Americas.  He also worked for a national re-forestry charity in the UK, leading their corporate partnership team.

Richard was inspired to apply the bold vision of landscape scale conservation in the Scottish Highlands, our wildest landscape.  It is a landscape which has been significantly altered, thus has enormous scope.  His vision is to implement projects at scale which achieve inspiring outcomes for rare species, restore nature to its former splendour and achieving meaningful impacts in terms of mitigating Climate Change.

Your carbon offsetting will officially count towards the UK's commitments under the Paris Agreement.

We would be delighted to provide you with a tour of the site, which is typically not possible with international projects.  This affords the opportunity of first person quotes and photos of your key staff onsite for use in your ESG/CSR reporting.

You will be provided video, professional photos and the location of the peatland and/or forest restoration project. 

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