Highland Carbon offers peace of mind.  Unlike the vast majority of carbon projects located across the World, you can actually visit the project site.  We provide to you our project design document and carbon project calculations which were approved by the regulators.  Our sites are inspected by independent third parties every five years, and a forward plan of site management is fully funded via the carbon revenue.

Importantly, you avoid two kinds of risks.  You avoid risks associated with tropical projects: weak regulatory frameworks, rife illegal logging, poor inspection regimes and lack of permanence.

Highland Carbon operates in what is arguably the most robust regulatory and inspection framework for carbon projects in the world, right here in the UK.  That guarantees permanence for the client.

You also avoid stilted or delayed communications associated with some large charities who operate also as pressure groups.  In the case of Highland Carbon, our whole business model is carbon projects.  So our support for your ESG, CSR and other communications is engaging, inspiring and timely. 


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