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Re-forestry initiatives in dramatic  wilderness on behalf of company partners to offset their carbonWith a like-for-like woodland carbon price guarantee that is competitive with tropical schemes and renewables.

R L Clarke, MSc BSc
Founder and Director

British born, Richard Clarke holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Zoology.  During University he read also Forestry, Ecology, Biology, Marine Biology, Wildlife Management, Fisheries Management  and Environmental Science.  He is passionate about wilderness and wildlife conservation. 

During summers in University, Richard worked for Michigan United Conservation Clubs in the States and with Chester Zoo in England.  He worked for several years after graduating with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the world's largest land conservation and habitat restoration charity, which is headquartered in Washington DC, USA.  Through that role he spent much time in the forested regions of New England, the Great Lakes Region, the Rocky Mountains and the Smokey Mountains. 


He also managed the corporate partnerships recruitment team with The Woodland Trust (WT) in the UK.  His team was very successful.  For example, generating six times the company income achieved by The National Trust at the time.  Richard built successful partnerships through robust public relations, communications support, flexibility and responsiveness.

Highland Carbon is combining the best elements of TNC & WT: (a) landscape scale habitat conservation for rare species (like TNC) and (b) large-scale tree planting (like WT).  It does so in a carbon framework.  Thus, Highland Carbon improves vital habitats for native species in the UK while mitigating the impact of carbon emissions on climate worldwide.

Richard's other experience includes Chief Executive of SYCF, Chairman of Michigan Energy Options, Board member of the Open Forum For Economic Regeneration, Board member of the Key Fund South Yorkshire and Trustee of Doncaster Businesses for the Community (DB4C).

Highland Carbon brings thirty years of major corporate partnerships experience in the context of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.


American born, Dr Laura McLean's ancestors hail from the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  Her family holds reunions at the McLean Lodge on the Isle of Mull.

Dr McLean is a veterinarian with twenty years experience.  In her spare time she has volunteered in wildlife rehabilitation and has provided free surgeries to animals in rescue centres. 


Prior to undertaking her veterinary degree, Dr McLean completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Finance and worked in banking in the USA.  During summers whilst in university, Dr McLean worked for Senate Finance and Clean Water Action.  She shares a passion for wild places, rare species conservation, habitat restoration and mitigating climate change.

Laura is an equestrian and enjoys riding her horse, Russia, on the beaches of Yorkshire.

Photographed undertaking a falconry experience at the Gleneagles Resort in the Scottish Highlands.